Our motivation

GNUArt concept is based upon the following fact : The Artist expresses himself through his Creations.

But Creating only consists of half of the artistical process as any kind of communication requires a recipient and any Creation, criticism.

In order to reach the public he needs, the Artist has to get through a mandatory, often excessive, contract with an agent whom he'll give the exclusivity of his creativity in return.

This exclusivity is a really bad thing because it places the legitimate public appreciation after a partial referee who only seeks a financial income he will rate over the Artist's interests.

Sell and consume...

This is how the Show was downgraded to one of the numerous prefixes of "business" : Farewell, troubadours.

Then came GNUArt.

By applying the GNU General Public License to artistical Creations, GNUArt provides his partners with a legally valid environment which protected many altruistic developpers lost in the mercantile maze.

The Free Artist may now legitimately keep his exclusivity. He may let it spread and evolve Freely.
In return, the GNU General Public License grant him the right to have his name systematically passed along with his Creations. Any derivated works will also be automatically protected by the GNU General Public License.
By protecting his Works, the Artist will then gain recognition and thus preserve his motivation and Creativity.

The GNU General Public License doesn't forbid the Artist to earn money by sharing his Works, that's why Free Artist can be a genuine profession.

A Free Artist's enhanced notoriety may also afford to rent his know-how.

The GNU General Public License doesn't force the Artist to GPL any of his Works.
This choice remains his : It is both the Artist's right and duty to determine what he's ready to give or to sell.

Though the former choice is irreversible (what is GPL'ed will remain Free) an Artist may change his mind about a formerly "commercial" Creation and finally make it become Free.

GNUArt will help the Artists to perform the choice that will suit them the best way.

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