Our means

GNUArt is an independant organization which goal is to favor Art promotion outside the complex existing distribution channels.

We are not trying to make money or fame on your back.

We want to give the Artists an alternative to the ©opyrights to which producers (and sometime patrons) want to constrain them.

We will help them to apply the GNU General Public License to their particular situation.
We also provide answers to questions such as :

  • How to prevent plagiarism ?
  • How to make money out of my Creations if they can be sold without my authorization ?
  • Whom may I ask for further advice on applying the GNU General Public License ?
  • How consistant is the GNU General Public License ?
  • I witnessed an abuse of the GNU General Public License, what can I do ?
  • Is the GNU General Public License applicable worldwide ?
  • I created a new version of an existing Free Art Creation. I then expectedly placed it under the protection of the GNU General Public License. May I also gain some recognition for my effort ?
  • Are there some Free Art online repositories ?
  • I'd like to advocate for GNUArt, do you have some specific guidelines (pros, cons, strengths, common mistakes) ?
  • How may I help an Artist ?
  • I am XXX, I sold yyy millions of my Work zzz. How may I transform it into Free Art ?

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